While I have stayed at L. Bergstrom (23)’s family in the past months as I am unable to obtain a VISA renewal in China due to Covid-19, the family made over fifty masks and gave out most of them to those in need, including 39 masks to a nurse at the Dignity Hospital in Folsom, CA. Heartwarmingly, it has been an effort of more than one family. Many in the neighborhood offered homemade masks to others who cannot access one, and one family put up a “mask tree” for zero-contact pickups.

-Hantong Wu ’23


Journals – two years in review

I haven’t written in my journal for some time now. People have been urging me that being in quarantine, it’s even more apt to start reflecting. Still I couldn’t bring myself to write the same way I could before. I write when I feel moved.

So here I’ve regurgitated my old work, because I cannot gift the reader anything new, and because somewhere inside me, I want to reassert who I am, as I feel myself grow weary and forget what it is that I love and have loved.

I’ve attached some excerpts from my Journal since 2018. To you who reads this preface, I hope you feel inspired to revisit your own travels, memories, and what makes your life so wonderfully rich.