Clash of the Coasts by Natalia Khoudian ’20

In the weeks leading up to my move from California to Massachusetts, my parents continuously asked if I was at all nervous.

And every time I simply thought, why would I be? I’m just going to school on another coast with students from all over the place? I thought I wouldn’t be in for any surprises. Turns out, New England culture is a lot different than the Golden State. Continue reading “Clash of the Coasts by Natalia Khoudian ’20”

Crohn-sitioning by Siya Chauhan ’20

The transition to college, a rite of passage for many, represents the final shedding of the vestiges of childhood. Teary parents deposit their progeny in an alien environment teeming with ice cream socials and deluges of information sessions. These teenagers, equipped with their smartphones and freshly minted student IDs, must navigate a novel social atmosphere and learn to coexist with a campus full of similarly displaced individuals.

I, personally, dreaded abandoning my old lifestyle. Despite my anticipation of joining what I perceived as a diverse and vibrant community of intellectuals, some aspects of this change disagreed with me. Maybe it was my aversion of communal showers. Maybe it was my unprecedented distance from my parents. Maybe it was my fear of academic inundation.

Maybe it was my Crohn’s disease.

Continue reading “Crohn-sitioning by Siya Chauhan ’20”

Letters from Tyler by Logan Seymour ’19E

Dearest Companion,

I have received your most recent correspon- dence and I regret to inform you that I am unable to attend your formal gathering— which you have so delicately titled “Getting Hammered”—at your domicile, located so conveniently within the veritable confines of Amherst College campus. I’m afraid, dear friend, I am somewhere far far away, at the House of Tyler. Continue reading “Letters from Tyler by Logan Seymour ’19E”